Faux Druzy for a Real Friend

Druzy stones are all the rage, but they can be pricey and don’t come in the shapes or colors you may want. How to create the druzy look you want? Combine Ice Resin with glass glitter and you get a stunning focal piece that looks like a druzy. This heart focal was originally created for a contest in which I had to create several pieces using different Ice Resin techniques. Once the contest was over, I wanted to do something different with this piece. And I have a dear friend who loves druzy stones. Why not an original piece just for her?
The pendant was made by mixing an aqua green glass glitter into Ice Resin, then filling a small Art Mechanique hobnail heart bezel with the mixture. The glass glitter is chunky, so when the resin is set, it sticks out of the bezel in all directions, like the crystals in a real druzy.  I added a butterfly cut from an orphan post earring.
The colors were just right to combine with some rectangular African “turquouise” (a type of jasper) I had in my stash as well as some silver mesh covered beads and chunky gunmetal chain. I can’t wait to visit her soon and see her wearing it.

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