More Ice Resin Pendants

I love doing mini collage bezel pendants with Ice Resin.  I learned this technique from Jen Cushman – who was the teacher for the classes at The Queen’s Ink in my last blog post.  Here are some I made in Jen’s class at Bead & Button in Milwaukee as well as a few I made in my studio.parrot

“Green Parrot” – Art Mechanique hobnail bezel, Iced Enamels (chartreuse & torched copper), vintage images and book paper, metal flower (old post earring).


“L’amour Francais” – Art Mechanique large heart hobnail bezel, Iced Enamels (Carnelian & Ivory), Iced Enamels Inclusions German Glass Glitter (sky blue), vintage images  & book paper, vintage watch gears, old jewelry pieces. Links made of black onyx, stone, crystal and paper mache beads made on ParaWire Vintaj Arte Metal black wire.


“Royal-Vauxhall” – Rue Romatique oval bezel, Iced Enamels (turquoise & ivory), postage stamp image and words, scrapbook transparency image,  vintage watch gears. Attached to knotted leather cord necklace with bronze metal fibers (class taught by Susan Lenart Kazmer).


bird“Steam Song” – Bird on Branch bezel from The Enchanted Gallery, handmade Indian papers, script scrapbook paper, tiny black onyx bead, vintage watch gears. Necklace made from chunky chain and links of cherry quartz and glass beads.

Check out the Ice Resin blog for inspiration, tips, techniques and tutorials.  I’ve found lots of videos on YouTube as well.


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