Deconstructed Reconstructed Retreat – Sunday Assemblage

Our last day of retreat was Sunday and we focused on assemblage pieces. Jen had brought a huge tub full of wooden boards, canvases, and picture frame samples. I picked out a board with a large knot hole in it and a frame sample that looked like a woodpecker had spent some time with it. After trimming off the end of the board with a chop saw, I nailed the frame sample to the board. Now I have a house – what to do with it?

Among the items I had brought with me were a silverplate ladle which I always wanted to use as a platform for a bird’s nest. I drilled a hole in the handle and attached it to the house.

Into the ladle, I placed some raffia and a resin bird ornament that I had redone with paint and gilder’s paste.

In the knot hole I tucked a tiny frozen Charlotte doll I purchased from Anne Beach during the retreat. Anne sells her wonderful things on Etsy – BeachFleaMarket.

To finish I added the words from Neil Diamond’s “Be” from Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I printed the words then tore them apart and added some distress ink before attaching them to the roof.
It was a wonderful weekend. I learned so many new techniques, but more important, I learned so much about myself and my artistic voice. Thanks Jen and all the women who attended. We really must do it again sometime.

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