Off to Philadelphia

I’m headed to the Quinlan Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Convention next week.  The convention days are Thursday and Friday, with workshops and seminars and the public show and sale is on Saturday.  I have four gallery pieces (which I will put up in a post after the show), plus six other new bears for the show. Most all of my bears are one of a kind works now, as I just don’t like making the same thing twice.  There are way too many cool mohair styles and colors to try. So meet some of my newest creations:


Darby is 11″ tall of curly gold mohair. Simply adorned with a beaded necklace that says “LADYBUG” and with a metal ladybug bell.


Sonny is 12″ tall of beige sparse mohair. He proudly wears a medal, but won’t tell me what it’s for.


Shelby is 10″ tall of tipped grey mohair. Her bow is made from a vintage silk scarf that belonged to my mother, and her pansy pin is also vintage.


Gilbert is 4 3/4″ tall of tipped grey/blue mohair. His boat is a thrift store find, spiffied up with a little paint.


Lottie is 4 3/4″ tall of gold mohair. Her collar is vintage crochet trim and accented with a vintage blue button.


Rosebeary is 4 3/4″ tall of blue mohair. She is adorned with scraps of vintage crochet trim and her wings are made from vellum paper covered with Ice Resin.

I will be bringing a few more pieces as well.  They are currently in my etsy store – ElizabethTaylorStudio.


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