Bead and Button Show Part 2

I really wish I had the funds to purchase everything I wanted at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, but I don’t, and I don’t have the space for everything either.  So, although choices were hard, I did make them.

A new artist whom I had not seen before was Anna Chernykh of Russia.  She creates wonderful jewelry findings and pendants works under the name AnnaBronze.  Much of her work is very organic.  I selected two snail pendants and a pair of shell charms. annabronze

She also does wonderful steampunk work and I could not pass up her steamship pendant or the gear charms.annabronze2

I stopped by Green Girl Studios as well. I can’t seem to resist their pewter beads and charms. This trip I snagged charms in the shape of a mushroom, pea pod and dragon. I also purchased a dragon pendant.greengirl

An artist whose work I had heard about but not seen in person was Anne Choi. She does amazing silver work and I could not pass up this grasshopper button.annechoi

I don’t usually buy fancy clasps, but I was intrigued by those made by Jenny Ratcliffe of Hidden Treasures LTD. She creates silver clasps with vintage and antique buttons. I purchased three clasps. Not sure if the bat was originally a button, but isn’t he awesome! These clasps are made to be seen, not hidden at the back of the neck, so will have to design special pieces to showcase them.hidden

I also picked up some older items. The broken frozen charlotte dolls were probably from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.charlottes
The black trilobite, however, is a fossil piece. I have already made a mold of the trilobite and want to cast it in resin or precious metal clay.

I tend to be a supply hoarder and always want to save special pieces for a special project, which never seems to get done. I’m hoping to start breaking that habit and be able to show you what I’ve created using these special pieces.


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