Creating an Octopus – The Final Vignette

Here is the final finished vignette – Jacques and Octavian – I Think I Need a Bigger Net

Jacques is wearing a mask made from the same black plastic as his flippers and his snorkel is a piece of electrical wire with the insulation intact. A few clear plastic beads at the top simulate bubbles.  Here you can see the rod that connects the scuba tank to the ocean base.

Jacques had planned to dive the site to catch a few of the bright tropical fish he was told swam around those oversize gears. He didn’t expect to meet Octavian, who has decided those gears are a great resting spot.

With Octavian between Jacques and the fish, I think the fish will be safe on this dive.

This piece measures approximately 11″ wide by 13″ high by 5″ deep. It will be for sale during the virtual Philadelphia Doll & Teddy Bear show, from April 30th through May 2.

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2 Responses to Creating an Octopus – The Final Vignette

  1. mijo1990 says:

    So cool!

  2. Barb Kincaid says:

    Love that you are still creating and enjoying all your crafts!

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